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National Rifle Association - www.nra.org
Don't let the politicians take away your muskets!! To ARMS!!! TO ARMS!!! Act Now!

Larian Motel - www.tombstonemotels.com
A great place to stay when visiting Tombstone

Picket Post - www.PicketPost.com
For the best of Civil War Military Antiques

Confederate Shop - www.ConfederateShop.com
For the best in historic flags, rare reprinted books – reputed to be the finest selection of books in the Commonwealth, also quilts, home décor, accessories, and wall hangings, this is the best place to shop. On their website, some excellent research write ups regarding Southern History and theology.

Virginia Flaggers - www.vaflaggers.blogspot.com
This organization is dedicated to "return our flags and restore honor." They are instrumental in protecting and preservation of our Confederate flags, statues and memorials from being moved/removed.